KM ‘s narrative directorial debut, Pete’s Valve is currently in post-production.

Prudence and Roger meet for the first time. After a series of unusual questions, they begin a temporary “relationship”, leading to the saving of a life and the ending of another. Pete’s Valve is a kooky, dark comedy about duty under duress, missed connections and the metaphorical as well as the physical placement of the heart.

Starring Jacquelyn Landgraf & Michael Freeland.


The below select works were written, directed and produced by Katy-May Hudson.

A PUBLIC DEFACING. Experimental Short.

Pointing a finger has never been easier. Starring: Daniel McCoy, Daniel Mirsky & Katy-May Hudson. Featured on Funny or Die & WhoHaHa


It’s Been Eight Years. Experimental Short.

Thoughts and rituals in preparation for a trip back home to regional N.S.W. after many years in New York.


A Short Film to Satisfy The Bechdel Test. Experimental Short.

When to merely satisfy, is not really satisfying at all. Featuring NY Neo-Futurists: Meg Bashwiner (WTNV), Katy-May Hudson, Rayne Harris, Krys Seli.


Here is This Woman: A Collective Self-Portrait. Experimental Short.

Live, interactive performance at ART/NY for The Great American Drama. Re-purposed as Video Art for the School of Visual Arts Directing program.


The Five Ants that Live in My Apartment. Experimental Short.

A reflection on inter-connectivity and loneliness. Official Selection Chain Film Festival 2016. Big Mini Media Festival 2016.


737 DAYS. Experimental Short.

An autobiographical account of visiting home.